Edith and Marlene at Bemowo. 3rd of April 2016

Edith and Marlene at Bemowo. 3rd of April 2016

On 3rd of April, two spectacles of “Edith and Marlene” were staged at the Hall of Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Both performances received standing ovations and encores. We encourage you to watch the photo report from the event:


„Édith and Marlene” is a story of long-standing friendship between two remarkable women and phenomenal artists – Édith Piaf and Marlena Dietrich. There are presented two different types of personalities, two different natures –  cold and haughty Marlene and spontaneous, keep searching for love Édith. Both of them had complicated personal lives and suffered tremendous losses. But they also shared a passion called art. It was a love for singing and music that united those extremely unlike women. The greatest hits from their repertoire are the inherent theme of this spectacle. We will hear i.a.:  „La vie en rose”, „Padam, padam” and  „Milord” from Édith Piaf repertoire and „Ich Bin von Kopf Bis Fuss Auf Liebe Eingestellt” – from the “Der blaue Engel” soundtrack where Marlena Dietrich played a leading role.

Image source: http://www.bemowo.waw.pl/kultura_i_art_bem/galerie_zdjec/przedstawienie_teatralne_w_sal,10725/


5 kwietnia 2016
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