Classy songs – Olga Bończyk – 19th of March 2016

Classy songs – Olga Bończyk – 19th of March 2016

Another delightful concert is already behind us. On 19th of March, at Bielany Chamber Hall we had an amazing chance to listen to Olga Bończyk performing “Classy songs” concert.

The huge concert audience could listen to the songs from the latest artist’s record:  „Piąta rano”, a record with Kalina Jędrusik songs „Listy z daleka”, pieces from the Irena Santor or Marylin Monroe repertoire.

The incredible connection with the audience, joint singing and at the end of the concert the photo session with the audience made the concert the memorable one that will remain in everyone’s heart. Thank you so much Ms. Olga.

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20 marca 2016
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